Committees & Councils

SNA Committees and Councils are made up of appointed SNA members from around the country. They work to further the mission of SNA in alignment with the Strategic Plan.

Leadership Opportunities

Would you like exciting opportunities to grow professionally, bring a fresh perspective to national issues, and network with other school nutrition professionals? Consider an SNA leadership position!

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2024 SNA Election

The 2024 SNA Election will take place from February 15-29, 2024. Learn more about the candidates for the Board of Directors and Leadership Development Committee.

Past Presidents

PresidentPeriod of ServiceState
Lori Adkins, MS, 香港六合彩官网开奖, CHE2022-23Michigan
Beth Wallace, MBA, 香港六合彩官网开奖2021-22Colorado
Reginald Ross, 香港六合彩官网开奖2020-21North Carolina
Gay Anderson, 香港六合彩官网开奖2018-20South Dakota
Lynn Harvey, EdD, RDN, 香港六合彩官网开奖2017-18North Carolina
Becky Domokos-Bays, PhD, RD, 香港六合彩官网开奖2016-17Virginia
Jean Ronnei, 香港六合彩官网开奖2015-16Minnesota
Julia Bauscher, 香港六合彩官网开奖2014-15Kentucky
Leah Schmidt, 香港六合彩官网开奖2013-14Missouri
Sandra Ford, 香港六合彩官网开奖2012-13Florida
Helen Phillips, 香港六合彩官网开奖2011-12Virginia
Nancy Rice, 香港六合彩官网开奖2010-11Georgia
Dora Rivas, 香港六合彩官网开奖2009-10Texas
Katie Wilson, PhD, 香港六合彩官网开奖2008-09Wisconsin
Mary Hill, 香港六合彩官网开奖2007-08Mississippi
Janey Thornton, PhD, 香港六合彩官网开奖2006-07Kentucky
Ruth Jonen, 香港六合彩官网开奖2005-06Illinois
Karen Johnson2004-05Arizona
Donna Wittrock, 香港六合彩官网开奖 2003-04Colorado
Gaye Lynn MacDonald, 香港六合彩官网开奖2002-03Washington
Marcia L. Smith, PhD, 香港六合彩官网开奖2001-02Florida
Marilyn Hurt, 香港六合彩官网开奖2000-01Wisconsin
Phyllis M. Griffith, 香港六合彩官网开奖*1999-00Ohio
Martha C. Hill, 香港六合彩官网开奖1998-99West Virginia
Melinda S. Turner, 香港六合彩官网开奖1997-98Kentucky
Janet H. Bantly1996-97Connecticut
Penny McConnell, 香港六合彩官网开奖1995-96Virginia
Vivian Pilant, PhD, 香港六合彩官网开奖* 1994-95South Carolina
Dorothy Caldwell 1993-94Arkansas
Elizabeth McPherson*1992-93North Carolina
Sue Greig*1991-92Kansas
Anne Gennings1990-91New York
Beverly Lowe, 香港六合彩官网开奖1989-90Virginia
Shirley Watkins1988-89Tennessee
Jane Wynn1987-88Florida
Thelma Becker*1986-87Pennsylvania
Sharon Gibson Barksdale 1985-86Missouri
Nancye Perry*1984-85 Florida
Betty Bender*1983-84Ohio
Clarice Higgins*1982-83Florida
Gertrude Applebaum1981-82Texas
Mary Nix1980-81Georgia
Betty Harney*1979-80Colorado
Johanna McCabe1978-79New Jersey
Gene White, 香港六合彩官网开奖*1977-78California
Josephine Martin, PhD*1976-77Georgia
Elsie King*1975-76Arizona
Helen Walker*1974-75Florida
Lucille Barnett*1973-74South Carolina
Louise Sublette*1972-73Tennessee
Norman Mitchell*1971-72Arizona
Virginia Farley*1970-71Indiana
Helen McGee*1969-70Oklahoma
Helen Myers*1968-69Ohio
Marion Cronan*1967-68Massachusetts
Doris Ann Howell*1966-67Texas
George Mueller*1965-66Missouri
Mary Griffin1964-65New Jersey
Helen Diehl*1963-64New York
Gerald Ramsey*1962-63Texas
David Page*1961-62Missouri
Ruth Cutter* 1960-61New Hampshire
Elizabeth Goodman*1959-60Minnesota
Anne Maley*1958-59North Carolina
Harvey Allen*1957-58New York
Evelyn Smithers*1956-57Louisiana
Josephine Morris*1955-56California
Margaret Prentice*1953-54New York
Eva Hurley*1952-53Missouri
Ruth Wood Williams*1951-52California
Winning Pendergast*1950-51Michigan
Thelma Flanagan*1949-50Florida
Mary DeGarmo Bryan*1948-49New York
Betsy Curtis*1947-48Ohio
Constance Hart*1946-47New York