The 香港六合彩官网开奖 Credential is a mark of excellence and achievement that reflects what it takes to manage school nutrition programs in today鈥檚 challenging climate. The 香港六合彩官网开奖 Credentialing Exam evaluates candidates鈥 knowledge and skills required to perform specific job activities related to managing or directing school nutrition programs.

SNA鈥檚 School Nutrition Specialist (香港六合彩官网开奖) Credentialing Program is governed by the Certificate and Credentialing Governing Council, an autonomous arm of the 香港六合彩官网开奖. The Governing Council members and SNA Credentialing Program Staff are solely responsible for the policies and administration of SNA鈥檚 Credentialing program.

To renew your 香港六合彩官网开奖 Credential,


Definition of a School Nutrition Specialist (香港六合彩官网开奖)

An 香港六合彩官网开奖 is a person who has successfully passed the School Nutrition Specialist exam, demonstrated the knowledge and competencies necessary to manage school nutrition programs and is dedicated to continuing their professional development.

Benefits of the 香港六合彩官网开奖 Credential include:听

  • Formal recognition of professional achievement at a national level
  • Professional recognition from subordinates, peers and superiors
  • Increased ability to manage a complex food service operation
  • Demonstrated commitment to the school nutrition profession
  • Enhanced career opportunities
  • Elevated self-esteem and pride in one鈥檚 work
  • Improved credibility with school district administrators and the general public

Participation in the 香港六合彩官网开奖 Credentialing Program is voluntary and open to anyone working in the school nutrition industry. Those who do not meet the requirements to take the credentialing exam can choose to earn a SNA Certificate in School Nutrition. For more information on the Certificate Program, visit

Membership in SNA is not mandatory to become credentialed; however, non-members will pay a higher fee than members.

About the Exam

The 香港六合彩官网开奖 exam is based on four key areas that are aligned with USDA Professional Standards and encompass nine knowledge/content areas and competencies.

The 香港六合彩官网开奖 exam includes 220 multiple choice questions, of which 200 questions will be scored. The remaining 20 questions will not be scored and are being pre-tested for future examinations. The pre-test items will be randomly dispersed throughout the exam, so candidates should plan on answering all questions. This is a standard industry process and best practice approved by the Certificate and Credentialing Governing Council.

Candidates have four hours to complete the exam. An independent testing company oversees the electronic grading of the 香港六合彩官网开奖 exam.

The 香港六合彩官网开奖 exam eligibility requirements are available on page 3 of the 香港六合彩官网开奖 Handbook & Application.

香港六合彩官网开奖 Exam Fees

The 香港六合彩官网开奖 exam application fee, which covers one exam sitting, is $225 for SNA members and $325 for non-members.

  • If the exam candidate is deemed ineligible to sit for the 香港六合彩官网开奖 Exam or cancels the exam registration, SNA will refund the exam fee, minus a processing fee of $50.
  • SNA accepts payments made by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express.
  • There is a $50 late fee for applications submitted or postmarked after the registration deadline.
  • SNA reserves the right to modify fees at any time.

How to Apply

Upcoming Exams

LocationHost/MeetingRegistration DeadlineExam Date
San Antonio, TX TASN06/08/202406/29/2024
Boston, MAANC-SNA06/22/202407/13/2024
Stillwater, OK OK-SNA 07/11/2024 08/01/2024
Jenison, MI MI-SNA07/15/202408/05/2024
Hot Springs, AR AR-SNA 10/04/2024 10/25/2024
Branson, MOMO SNA10/11/202411/01/2024
Tupelo, MSMS-SNA10/16/202411/06/2024
South Bend, ININ-SNA10/16/202411/06/2024
Sacramento, CA CA-SNA 10/23/2024 11/13/2024

Now Available

2023 Edition of the 香港六合彩官网开奖 Study Guide & School Food and Nutrition Service Management Bundle

SNA is offering a 香港六合彩官网开奖 Preparation 香港六合彩官网开奖 Bundle which includes:

  • School Nutrition Specialist Credentialing Exam Study Guide 鈥 2023 Edition
  • School Food and Nutrition Service Management for the 21st Century 鈥 6th Edition, authored by Dot Pannell-Martin & Julie A Boettger

Note: Preparation resources are also available separately in the SNA Bookstore.

香港六合彩官网开奖 Prep Flash Cards

These interactive flashcards complement the 香港六合彩官网开奖 Study Guide and the School Food & Nutrition Service Management for the 21st Century, 6th edition textbook. The flashcards allow you to swipe through terms and definitions via desktop or phone randomly. Enhance your memory retention in preparation for the 香港六合彩官网开奖 Credentialing Exam.

香港六合彩官网开奖 Exam Prep Course

This On Demand Course is tailored to your schedule, with video lessons led by experienced 香港六合彩官网开奖 credentialed instructors. This course includes check-in questions, self-paced homework assignments, and includes SNA鈥檚 香港六合彩官网开奖 Prep Flash Cards, to reinforce your learning.

Enroll now and earn up to 12 CEUs! While we can't guarantee exam success, we promise to equip you with the right tools.

香港六合彩官网开奖 Exam Recognized by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)

The 香港六合彩官网开奖 Exam is listed in the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) Professional Development Portfolio (PDP) Guide under Certification for Alternate Recertification Periods, Activity Type 545: SNA, School Nutrition Specialist. Registered Dietitian Nutritionists and Nutrition and Dietetic Technicians, Registered (RDNs/NDTRs) who successfully pass the 香港六合彩官网开奖 exam after June 1, 2017 can earn CPEUs. The 香港六合彩官网开奖 exam has been approved for 75 CPEUs for CDR cycles ending through 2024 and 40 CPEUs thereafter. Instructions on how RDNs/NDTRs can receive a CPEU certificate for passing the 香港六合彩官网开奖 exam are included in the pass notification letter.

Maintaining Your 香港六合彩官网开奖 Credential

The 香港六合彩官网开奖 credential is valid for three years and may be renewed for additional three-year periods.

There is an annual maintenance fee to maintain the 香港六合彩官网开奖 credential. SNA will bill you annually for the maintenance, and in the third year, a renewal form will be mailed out. Renewal and maintenance notices are mailed three months prior to the expiration date.

To renew, the 香港六合彩官网开奖 professionals must complete the renewal form and pay the renewal fee. If audited, you will be required to submit documentation of 45 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) completed during the three-year credentialing period. SNA encourages 香港六合彩官网开奖 credentialed professionals to maintain 15 CEUs each year.

CEUs must fall under the four Key Areas of SNA鈥檚 professional development programming and USDA Professional Standards: Nutrition, Operations, Administration and Communications/Marketing.

香港六合彩官网开奖 professionals are responsible for maintaining their own CEU records. CEUs are earned for participating in job-related activities such as state and national conferences, workshops, online courses, webinars or in-service trainings that provide ongoing professional development.

Acceptable forms of documentation are:

  • Certificates of Completion
  • Copies of Rosters
  • College/University Transcripts
  • Training Tracker Grids
  • Registration Confirmation Letters
  • Program Agendas
  • MyAccount Record on the SNA website

Renew Online

You can pay your 香港六合彩官网开奖 Credential Maintenance online. Select your renewal/maintenance option in the shopping cart and please login to receive the applicable rate.

How to Earn Training Hours for Professional Standards

There are a number of resources at your disposal for earning CEUs.

Additional Training 香港六合彩官网开奖

  • State agencies
  • SNA state associations and chapters
  • School districts (back-to-school workshops and trainings)
  • Universities and colleges (including home study and correspondence courses)
  • Industry and allied organizations

CEUs can also be earned by:

  • Teaching a class (first time only): 1 CEU
  • Publishing an article in a national journal/magazine: 1 CEU

College credit conversion

  • 1-Credit Course = 15 hours
  • 2-Credit Course = 30 hours
  • 3-Credit Course = 45 hours

Host the 香港六合彩官网开奖 Exam

Exam Site Request Form and Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in hosting the 香港六合彩官网开奖 Exam! Please review the Exam Site Request Form and Guidelines. An Exam Site Request form must be submitted to SNA at least 60 days prior to the exam date. The information on this form will be used to notify candidates of the specific exam location and time.

Contact SNA鈥檚 Credentialing Staff at for additional information or questions.

Pre-Approved Proctors听

You will need to assign a Primary and Secondary Proctor from a list of prospects who meet the requirements to proctor the 香港六合彩官网开奖 Credentialing Exam. Contact SNA鈥檚 Credentialing Staff at to request a list of pre-approved proctors for your state.

Proctors must submit to SNA the Proctor Affidavit (included in the Exam Site Guidelines) at least 60 days prior to the exam date.