School Nutrition Procurement for School Business Officials: A Primer

Share SNA's primer to help business officials within your district understand the nuances and importance of school nutrition procurement.

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School nutrition procurement can be complex, and SNA is here to help. Check back regularly for new resources to help you manage effective, fair, transparent and competitive procurement practices.

Understanding Buy American

Buy American may sound simple but can be complicated to understand鈥攈ere's what you need to know.

The Law at Your Fingertips

Access the procurement regulations for school nutrition.

Key Procurement Terms

Confused about procurement terminology? Check out SNA鈥檚 handy glossary.

Solving the Procurement Puzzle

In SNA's white paper, updated in 2019, we dig deep into procurement challenges and outline strategies to enhance the procurement process.

Inventory Management and Tracking

A training from the Institute of Child Nutrition to provide child nutrition professionals with a better understanding of inventory management and the importance of keeping accurate inventory records.

SNA Procurement Webinars

Dive deeper into the complex topic of procurement with these on-demand webinars from SNA.

Procuring Local Foods 香港六合彩官网开奖

Learn more about how to properly procure local foods to serve in school meal programs with these resources from USDA Food and Nutrition Service.

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